The Afterlife


Smartly devised by our Lady herself, the Leveling system couldn’t be simpler. All that is required of you is to play. Aye, just play, and witness as you ascend the ladder of undead aristocracy.

Complete missions - Get Skull Points.

Make bets - Get Skull Points.

Got Points? Level up, and get store discounts!

Don't worry, store purchase will not hurt your leveling up.
No tricks, no illusions! Aida is a lady after all.

Skull Coins

The currency of the undead!

The more Skull Points you got, the higher your level is!

Coins are accumulated for leveling up, you available coins for store purchase are independent from your level progression coins, so buying at the Lady's store, will not impact your VIP status.


Now here’s the good part… All those well-earned Skull Coins are exchanged for wicked bonuses and prizes, consequently earning you more Skull Coins.

Head to the store to check the inventory.


The pocket Lady Aida version is here to keep you company on long trips or uneventful bus rides in the land of the living.


This is all but a taste of what Lady Aida has to offer. The promotions will make your mouth water. Visit the Promo page and witness all the possibilities.

Still Hungry?

Daily, weekly, and monthly promotions to satisfy each craving, no matter the appetite, are offered on regular basis.