Hear the creak of the old gate as you enter her cemetery of chance… Lady Aida welcomes you.

The Casino:

The legends speak of a smooth and accessible online casino, somewhere in the far off lands, beyond the mortal realm. It is said that any player, no matter his title or knighthood, may join. Smoothly run by our undead Lady and her zombie subjects, the casino dedicates itself to providing the most brilliant and effective services available in life and in the afterlife In it, he or she will find all sorts of games, including but not limited to slots, blackjack, poker and roulette. Lady Aida kindly gives the opportunity to players to either play for real money or for fun. This means that anyone can master a game before wagering real money. However he or she must embrace their doubts, and be ready for the unexpected. Many a brave had found the casino. Stricken by its charm, none have returned… Welcome to Lady Aida.

Customer Satisfaction:

We at Lady Aida put the player above all, making sure to provide an experience that will satisfy all your needs. We are a team of devoted experts, passionate about Lady Aida, as are we with our other casinos. Our friendly and attentive teams are working precisely to support you in any issue that arises. With a portfolio of multiple brands, Lady Aida being our most recent one, we can confidently say that you are in good hands.

With elegance and “ye old” sophisticated charm Lady Aida achieves a smooth and effective online casino experience, aimed at all players, undead or alive.

The Lady Aida has spent a lifetime making this casino friendly and accessible to all her subjects. Now she spends her afterlife managing it. Trust in our experience.

Security and Safety:

The number one priority of  Lady Aida is to provide a safe and secure environment for our players. That is way she personally oversees the army of zombies standing between your personal information and the fool daring enough to even consider abusing the system.
Lady Aida utilizes the latest 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure that sensitive data is transferred securely over the Internet to our secure servers, which are protected by the latest firewall technology. We develop and employ state of the art systems that ensure and maintain a secured gaming experience. Our team follows the highest security standards and Gaming industry practices to ensure the highest level of security for players and operators alike.

Just imagine hordes of brain hungry zombies protecting your data… yeah we’ve got it covered.


What is a casino without promotions? Not even Lady Aida knows the answer to this question. She has spent most of her afterlife intricately crafting these promotions, so that players won’t even hesitate to indulge. On top of that her Grace is offering exciting daily and weekly bonuses for her loyal players.

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Skull Coins:

Had enough? We didn’t think so. Next on the agenda are Skull Coins, the easiest acquirable currency in the land of the living and the undead! All you have to do is deposit and play and whoosh! they appear in your treasury.

How deliciously scandalous!

Nowhere is Lady Aida’s ingenuity more evident that in the one-of-a-kind skull coin system, in which the player is left with no choice but to fill his coffer with skull coins. It’s literally a win-win situation.

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